Solar Plastics

Position: Molder/Trimmer (Davenport, IA) – 2nd and 3rd Shifts


Job Title: Molder/Trimmer
Department: Production
Location: Davenport, IA
Reports to: Shift Supervisor
Status: Non-Exempt, Hourly


The employees in this position are responsible for the overall operations of the machine and the manufacturing of good quality parts.


• Sets up and operates molding machine in a safe and efficient manner.
• Able to meet scrap and production goals.
• Ensures quality of parts coming off machine.
• Reads and follows the molding process sheets, correcting any errors immediately, in writing, to their supervisor or lead person.
• Continually communicates with their lead person, maintenance, quality control and/or supervisor whenever they have questions or need assistance regarding any of the requirements of their job.
• Keeps their work area clean and organized. Places all parts to be trimmed in crates or on pallets.
• Fills out production reporting paperwork in an accurate and timely manner.
• Communicates effectively with others.
• Keeps productive materials appropriately stocked.
• Communicates effectively with prior and subsequent shifts.
• Performs all aspects of the job in accordance with the safety standards set forth by Solar Plastics.
• Other responsibilities as assigned by the Shift Supervisor and/or other members of management.
The Molder must understand and perform to standard the following aspects related to this position:
• Basic mechanics of rotational molding.
• Rotational molding processes.
• The variables related to the molding process, including time, temperature, cooling, mold releases, etc.
• The characteristics of all standard resins used by their division (i.e. knowing what the proper cure is for each material and how to check the cure.
• Mold preparation and mold maintenance techniques.
• Quality standards for each machine (found on the process sheets located in the machine areas).
• Pressure testing requirements for all tanks as stated on the process sheets.
• Critical dimensions and characteristics of each part and how to check these to maintain consistency.
• How to effectively conduct a first part inspection to approve a set-up.
• Needs to be able to support the operator when needed by getting supplies or help servicing the machine to set cycles.
• Reads and understands the trip process sheets provided for each job, and reporting any discrepancies to their supervisor/lead person.
• Properly handles parts to avoid damage to the product.
• Trims the flashline on all parts molded during their shift.
• Conducts first part inspections on all parts that are started during their shift.
• Sets up and operates hand tools and fixtures in a safe and efficient manner. Returns tools, materials, molds and other equipment to their proper storage areas when not in use.
• Ensures quality of finished product. Ensures that any rejected parts are properly recorded and removed from the production area to the scrap area.
• Communicates effectively with molder. Helps molder as necessary to keep machine running efficiently.
• Communicates effectively with prior and subsequent shifts.
• Keeps production materials appropriately stocked.
• Keeps their work area net and organized.
• Other responsibilities as assigned by the Shift Supervisor and/or other members of management
The Trimmer must understand and perform to standard the following aspects related to this position:
• The safety practices that need to be adhered to while performing trim operations.
• The quality standards for the jobs /parts they are working on (refer to the process sheets).
• Critical dimensions and requirements of each part that they are performing secondary operations.
• The appropriate inserts and trimming requirements for the parts they are working on.


(The essential duties and responsibilities will have been satisfactorily completed when the following are demonstrated) Note: This only pertains to the essential duties and responsibilities of the position and is not all inclusive of the entire performance evaluation process. Acceptable performance is based on first time quality of molded parts, machine productivity and work area cleanliness and organization.


Required: High School Diploma or equivalent, Trade School and/or technical training desirable.

Prior experience, preferably in a manufacturing environment desirable.
Other Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Must have the ability to perform all of the functions outlined in this description.
Good hands on mechanical skills.
Clear and effective written and verbal communication skills.
Forklift certification helpful.


Copier/Scanner/Fax, Computer, Phone System, Welding Equipment, Lathe and Mill Operation, Hand and Power Tools, Forklift, Ladders


Mental Effort
• Ability to understand, remember, and apply oral and/or written instructions or other information. Ability to understand problems, collaborate and explore alternative solutions.
• Ability to organize thoughts and ideas into understandable terminology.
• Ability to communicate with individuals face to face; requires ability to hear and speak effectively. Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word, communicating orally with others accurately and quickly. Ability to orally and in writing, communicate technical information.
• Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide and to record, balance, and check results for accuracy

Physical Requirements
• This position requires an individual to see and hear 8+ hours per day. Incumbent is required to have visual acuity to perform activities such as running production machines, etc.
• Requires the ability to sit, stand and walk up to 8+ hours per day. Requires the ability to work at a rapid speed, twist, bend, push, pull, carry, stoop, reach and grasp 8+ hours per day for activities such as working on equipment, making repairs, etc. Requires the ability to work in confined, tight spaces. Requires continuous finger movement and keyboard usage for carrying and using equipment, tools, etc. Extensive wrist movement is required.
• Ability to lift 50+ pounds, unaided on a regular basis. (hoists are available and should be used for parts and molds that exceed this weight level).
• Ability to use hand tools.(i.e, power drills, hammers, routers, etc)
• Good manual and finger dexterity (working with small bolts, nuts, screws, adding inserts, flushing out parts, flaming parts, etc.).

Working Conditions
• Exposed to heat, cold and potential internal temperature changes up to 8+ hours per day. Exposed to outside working environment when salvaging parts, roof and grounds work. Exposed to solvents when part cleaning, acids/corrosives when cleaning floor, dust, dirt, fumes/vapors/gases from plastics processes, ovens and propane tanks.
• This position exists in a production and shop environment, with occasional need to enter the office.
• This position works independently 8+ hours per day and occasionally works directly with others. Must be able to work the hours/shift required. Ability to work additional hours, as needed to accommodate issues that may arise in the 24-hour operation.

Personal Protection Equipment
• Eye safety glasses necessary to enter production area.
• Hearing protection must be worn when excessive noise is present on the production floor and in the shop.

Travel Requirements
• There are no travel requirements for this position.

Solar Plastics is an EEO/M/W/Vet/Disability Employer.